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About Hillary_ Blogging Date: Jul 24th @ 3:49pm EDT
About Hillary_ Blogging Date: Jul 24th @ 3:35pm EDT
If you could go on a $10,000 shopping spree where would you shop and what are some of the things you would buy?

First I would buy a new lap top and web-cam - what can I say? I love what I do :)

Does a deposit & F/L rent on a new, nicer place to live for a while count as shopping? LOL

I would stock up like crazy on food! I'm way too practical.

I would be thrilled to buy craft materials, gardening items and maybe kitchen things.

I think I would buy a few new clothing items, maybe a pair of day-to-day shoes and a fun pair.
I guess I could do two of each since we are talking about $10,000 shopping spree . . . .

I'm much more of a giver than I am a material possessions consumer!
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